True Rituals

Ritual Healing
Prerequisites: either Life Domain, Healer Background, or Healer Proficiency.
Time: 1 Hour
Target: 1 living creature
Components: V,S,M (1 gp worth of herbs, an oils, consumed in ritual, herbalism kit)
Effect: The ritual involves anointing the wounds, channeling heat from sources nearby into the body. After one hour a medicine or herbalism roll DC15. Success means you give the wounded party healing as if they had spent one of their own hit dice. A critical (20) means double that die. This does not use the persons actual hit dice, so it can be used instead of their own, or even if they have used all of theirs. This can only be performed once per long rest.
Special: if the healer expends one of her own Hit Dice during the ritual, it is automatically successful and heals the maximum possible (but no crit).

Ritual Restoration
Prerequisites: either Life Domain, Healer Background, or Healer Proficiency.
Time: 4 Hours
Target: 1 living creature
Components: V,S,M (Gold knife, 10 gp of special salts (consumed))
Effect: By a ritual that involves bleeding the patient, and applying special salts to leech the toxins from the body, one disease or condition (blinded, deafened, paralyzed or poisoned) can be removed. The healer does 1hp of damage to the person and rolls a Medicine check equal to the normal save for the effect (for example the wisdom save for spell). If successful, the condition is removed after the next long rest (along with the damage).
Special: If 1000gp of Nabonic Pink Salt (1 ounce) the spell can effect Madness, Polymorph, Feeblemind, Flesh to Stone, and Level Drain.

Harmonious Healing
Prerequisites: either Life Domain, Healer Background, or Healer Proficiency.
Time: 1 Hours
Target: 1 living creature
Components: V,S,M (50 gp of special herbs (consumed))
Effect:: Attending to a person infected with a disease that worsens over time (additional saves), this ritual allows the healer to also make a saving throw against the disease (in addition to the infected person). If both rolls fail, then the healer becomes infected herself and the disease progresses in the originally infected person, otherwise the victim gains the benefit of a successful save (whatever that is).
Special: The healer can make the save BY herself. So long as she rolls above a 1, she automatically succeeds FOR the original infected person, BUT she automatically get the disease herself. Treat a natural ‘1’ as a normal double failure above.

Unearthly Endurance
Prerequisites: Proficient with Athletics, Artisan (Brewing) Tools Proficiency, Herbalism Kit Prof, Soldier Background
Time: 1 Hour
Target: Up to 5 living creatures
Components: V,S,M (50 gp of special brew (consumed))
Effect:: In this ritual, the targets chant, dance, and imbibe freely of a powerful draught. After the ritual, they can ignore all the effects of Exhaustion for 1d6 hours (roll for each) but suffer Disadvantage on all Intelligence checks and saves., Afterwards they take on another level of exhaustion.

Summon Guardian
Prerequisites: Proficient with Arcana Skill, Know and prepared a Conjuration Spell
Time: 1 Hour
Target: Touch
Components: V,S,M (100 gps of ruby dust)
Effect: This ritual allows you to cast a conjuration or summoning spell that brings a creature to your location, and bind that creature to a location. The creature will remain at that location until any creature other gets within one move of it, or attacks it. After that the creature attacks whoever activated the guardian, and continue to attack it and anyone else who attacks it, until one minute has passed or it is killed. The ritualist has immunity to this creature after summoning it until he or she leaves the movement radius of the creature the first time, after that the guardian creature treats the ritualist summoner as any other creature.

Circle of Magic
Prerequisites: Proficient with Arcana or Religion Skill
Time: 1 Hour
Target: 5 foot radius Cylinder 10ft tall.
Components: V,S,M 100 gs worth of special candles, incense and paints
Effect: You create a specialize Magic Circle (as per spell Magic Circle) directed to a single named entity ( a specifically known undead, fiend, fey, celestial, elemental). If it tries to enter or leave by any means it must make a CHA save versus a DC of 10+Arcana Skill mod. For the purposes of this spell, knowledge of the creature implies either previous personal interactions with the creature, or knowing either the creatures true name, or given name that it has responded to. The circle lasts as long as the candles remaining burning (1 hour maximum).

True Rituals

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