New Spells

Harrier (Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock)
Conjuration Cantrip
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: 60ft
Components: V, S,
Duration: 1 Turn – Concentration
This spell summons a mystic force that takes the form of some small creature or simple shape designated by and unique to the caster (caster decides upon first casting the spell). The Harrier can then do the Help action for a single creature within range. If an ally attacks that creature, it gains advantage. The Harrier is AC10, and if it is damaged, it is immediately dispelled and does not provide the help.

Stitch (Druid, Cleric, Wizard (Necromancy Specialist only)
Necromantic Cantrip
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (A piece of dried sinew)
Duration: Instantaneous*
You touch a living injured creature, concentrate on the wound and the sinew magically stitches closed wounds, grafts over burns and otherwise closes and protects and injured creature. Heal 1d8 Hit points up to the character’s maximum hit points, AND reduce the target’s maximum Hit points by half that (round down). If as a result of this spell a character’s current Hit Points would exceed their new maximum hit points, adjust the Current Hit points to the new maximum.
The lost Maximum hit points recover after a long rest.
Ex. JerrDan has taken 10 hit points damage of his normal 20 maximum hit points. A Stitch spell is cast on him. He heals 5 hit points and his maximum is reduced by half that 2.5=2. So after the spell he has 15 hps, and 18 maximum hit points. If the spell is cast a second time for

Summon Monster (Wizard, Cleric [Demonic Domain])
Conjuration 1st Level
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 90 feet
Components: V, S, M (a tiny bag and lit candle)
Duration: 1 minute (Concentration)

You summon a creature to do you bidding. Roll on the table below to determine the creature that is summoned. Each turn you can use a Bonus Action to issue a command the creature. The creature obeys your mental commands to the best of its ability, even laying down its life for you if necessary. Once the command is fulfilled the creature stands idle unless another command is given.

The creatures have average hitpoints for their kind.

The spell lasts until the duration expires, you dismiss the summoned creature or it is slain. If the summoned creature dies, any of its personal possessions or traces of its existence disappear with it.

The spell summons the spirit or soul of a dead creature to imbue a magical incarnation of its body, including the standard equipment it normally carries (any items lose their magical properties if they had them). Creatures thus summoned have no memories† of their previous lives except those they obtain while summoned. They are basically “echoes” of their former selves.

As an optional component, if you possess a bit of a creature on the summoning list – a bit of fur or scale, nail clippings, a tooth or other such bodily sample, you may summon that specific creature. Calculate its CR to determine the level of spell needed to summon it. That creature will have the normal memories it would normally have of its previous summonings (by that caster or magic-item). The item used in this summoning vanishes at the spell’s end.

† At the GM’s option, creatures summoned to familiar places, or near familiar people may have some ‘instinctive’ sense about it. For example, a creature summoned back to its lair may be able to quickly exit through a secret door, even if the caster does not know about it. Or given general enough commands (“Attack Them!”) the creature might attack a known enemy first, or a known friend with disadvantage if the friend persuades them successfully._
*Conjurers can roll twice on the Table and take their preferred roll.
At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, you may choose to cast from a higher level list, double the spell’s duration or double the number of creatures summoned for each slot level above 1st. You may choose to combine several different options when increasing the spell level.

LEVEL 1 (CR 1/4)
1) Animated Object, Flying Sword
2) Axe Beak
3) Bat, Giant
4) Boar
5) Bullywug
6) Centipede, Giant
7) Demon, Dretch
8) Frog, Giant
9) Elf, Drow
10) Goblin
11) Grimlock
12) Kenku
13) Kobold (2)
14) Pixie
15) Skeleton
16) Snake, Constrictor
17) Snake, Giant Poisonous
18) Spider, Giant Wolf
19) Troglodyte
20) Player’s Choice

LEVEL 2 (CR 1/2)
1) Ape
2) Bear, Black
3) Cockatrice
4) Darkmantle
5) Gnoll
6) Gnome, Deep (Svirfneblin)
7) Goat, Giant
8) Hobgoblin
9) Jackalwere
10) Lizardfolk
11) Magmin
12) Mephit, dust
13) Modron, Tridrone
14) Elf Scout
15) Orc
16) Rust Monster
17) Satyr
18) Shadow
19) Worg
20) Player’s Choice

LEVEL 3 (CR 1)
1) Animated Object, Animated Armor
2) Bear, Brown
3) Bugbear
4) Death Dog
5) Demon, Quasit
6) Devil, Imp
7) Dire Wolf
8) Dryad
9) Duergar
10) Eagle, Giant
11) Ghoul
12) Harpy
13) Hippogriff
14) Hyena, Giant
15) Modron, Quadrone
16) Ogre, Half- (Ogrillon)
17) Scarecrow
18) Thri-kreen
19) Yuan-ti, Pureblood
20) Player’s Choice

LEVEL 4 (CR 2)
1) Ankheg
2) Azer
3) Carrion Crawler
4) Centaur
5) Devil, Spined
6) Elk, Giant
7) Ettercap
8) Gargoyle
9) Gibbering Mouther
10) Grick
11) Griffon
12) Intellect Devourer
13) Lycanthrope, Wererat
14) Nothic
15) Human Beserker
16) Ogre
17) Orc, Orog
18) Peryton
19) Quaggoth
20) Player’s Choice

LEVEL 5 (CR 3)
1) Basilisk
2) Beholder, Spectator
3) Devil, Bearded
4) Displacer Beast
5) Doppelganger
6) Gith, Githyanki Warrior
7) Grell
8) Hag, Green
9) Hell Hound
10) Hook Horror
11) Lycanthrope, Werewolf
12) Manticore
13) Minotaur
14) Nightmare
15) Owlbear
16) Scorpion, Giant
17) Winter Wolf
18) Yeti
19) Yuan-ti, Malison
20) Player’s Choice

LEVEL 6 (CR 4-5)
1) Banshee
2) Chuul
3) Coatl
4) Demon, Shadow
5) Ettin
6) Flameskull
7) Helmed Horror
8) Lamia
9) Lycanthrope, Weretiger
10) Naga, Bone
11) Succubus/Incubus
12) Giant, Hill
13) Golem, Flesh
14) Gorgon
15) Hag, Night
16) Otyugh
17) Salamander
18) Troll
19) Umber Hulk
20) Player’s Choice

LEVEL 7 (CR 6-7)
1) Ape, Giant
2) Chimera
3) Cyclops
4) Demon, Chasme
5) Demon, Vrock
6) Drider
7) Galeb Duhr
8) Giant, Stone
9) Gith, Githzerai Zerth
10) Invisible Stalker
11) Mammoth
12) Medusa
13) Mind Flayer
14) Oni (Ogre Mage)
15) Shield Guardian
16) Slaad, Blue
17) Wyvern
18) Yuan-Ti, Abomination
19) Dragon, Young Black
20) Player’s Choice

LEVEL 8 (CR 8-9)
1) Cloaker
2) Demon, Hezrou
3) Demon, Glabrezu
4) Devil, Bone
5) Devil, Chain
6) Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex
7) Fomorian
8) Giant, Cloud
9) Giant, Fire
10) Giant, Frost
11) Golem, Clay
12) Hydra
13) Naga, Spirit
14) Drow Assassin
15) Slaad, Gray
16) Slaad, Green
17) Dragon, Young Blue
18) Dragon, Young Green
19) Dragon, Young Silver
20) Player’s Choice

LEVEL 9 (CR 10-12)
1) Aboleth
2) Angel, Deva
3) Behir
4) Demon, Yochlol
5) Devil, Horned
6) Genie, Dao
7) Genie, Djinni
8) Genie, Efreeti
9) Genie, Marid
10) Golem, Stone
11) Naga, Guardian
12) Remorhaz
13) Roc
14) Slaad, Death
15) Sphinx, Gynosphinx
16) Dragon, Young Gold
17) Dragon, Young Red
18) Devil, Erinyes
19) Human Archmage
20) Player’s Choice

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