Boar's Breath Inn

image.jpgLocated just outside the Secondary, the Boar’s Breath is one of the few freestanding buildings in Respite, and the only one outside the Secondaries. It was once a hunting lodge of the King of Uruhr in his small private forest. It now serves as a meeting place for outwallers and irregulars, and regular citizens who have business they don’t wish to discuss inside the walls.
It is run by Thorne Redskull a bald human with thick gut and heavy muscles.image.jpg

His two wives “Marla” (half orc barkeep) image.jpg

and “Feneth” (half elf healer) image.jpg

and two adult children “Mars” and “Juna” (as well as a pack of young children) also help run the place. Redskull was an officer of the illfated “outriders” a band of soldiers who worked outside the wall before that was ended twenty years ago. Redskull bought and renovated the old lodge and gives the impression he isn’t welcome inside the walls anymore.

The Lodge has a great room with many trophies from ages past dominated by a large Boar Head connected to the chimney so it breathes smoke when the fires are lit. There is also a smallish ratty looking dragon head, and what appears to be a lion’s claw floating in red liquid. he claw itself is invisible and only appears to be a gap in the liquid.

There are six suites for guests, though as a matter of course rarely are more than two occupied. The cheapest is the “common suite”, this consists of a large room with a central fireplace and stepped sleeping area around the fireplace (room for twenty or so people) and a smallish water closet with a bath, sinks and privies. There are four private rooms consisting of a single bed and a small sitting room with sink and bench. The king’s suite is a set of three rooms, sitting room with a couch and chairs and small table, a bedroom with a large bed, and a bathroom.

The lodge serves food and drink at all hours. There is a weapons rack in a sort of mud-room/entryway where medium and large weapons should be stored.

One large table, dubbed the “the last supper” by regulars has large map of the city carved onto it. Here and there people have drawn or etched notes, signals and keys onto it.

• Breakfast (1sp) Free with Room
• Lunch (1sp)
• Dinner (2sp)
• Drink-Grog (5 cp)
• Drink-Wine (2 Sp)
• Drink-Liquor (2 sp)
• Common Room (3 sp)
• Private Room (5 sp/night, 1 gp/week)
• King’s Suite (2 gp/night (includes meals & service)
• Stable (5 sp/night includes food/water)
Health Draught (advantage on using Hit Dice for healing) 5 gp
• “Oxblood” (reduce exhaustion by one level after short rest, once per long rest) 5gp

Services • Bath (2 cp)
• Clothes Washing/Mending (1gp)
• Armor/Weapons Repair (2 gp)
• Healing Ritual (10 gp)
• Restorative Ritual (50 gp)
• Remove Curse Ritual (200 gp)

Boar's Breath Inn

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